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Willow Run Park

Willow Run is located in Camp Hill Borough, Cumberland County Pennsylvania along 1,400 feet of an unnamed tributary of Cedar Run.These ground-fed, cold water streams are perfect habitats for trout.The area abounds with springs that once made Cedar Run one of the finest trout streams in Pennsylvania.

In the top portion of the park, water will naturally flow towards a low point in an ongoing attempt to find the fastest way across the land.This process often times results in organic shapes and forms and fluid landscapes.Over the course of time Willow Run has become a circuitous, meandering stream and provided the inspiration for the design in the northern third of the park.This area of the park allows visitor to see how organic, flowing, and at times untamed forms can be utilized in mitigation of storm water.The organic forms created in this area provide basis for comparison to the two other areas of the park.

Contrasting the first area of the park, the middle section is created with the interaction of humans and natural processes in mind.Humans influence on nature can be seen at Willow Run in the bank erosion, sedimentation and erosion.The design in the middle section demonstrates alternative ways to the mitigation of stormwater as a fusion between natural forms and constructed forms takes shape.This area creates a transition between the organic section of the park and the urban section of the park.

The third area is designed with an urban setting in mind as it played into its adjacency to Camp Hill's main street.This area of the park utilizes rigid forms and materials (juxtaposing the first section of the park) to demonstrate that the mitigation and cleansing of water will work despite the form that is used or the setting.

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  • Willow Run Park
  • People: Chris
  • Location: Camp Hill, PA
  • Client: Camp Hill
  • Completed: Jan 12 2007

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