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Oregon Convention Center

The rainwater design at the Oregon Convention Center is a river abstraction that follows the building edge to convey runoff from the Center's 5-acre roof, while the design coyly entices the adventuresome to engage in the "river" experience.This linear water trail is separated from a nearby sidewalk by a luxuriant clipped lawn, and is even more clearly made separate by a border of thick plantings and rocks along its lawn edge; but at certain points the border opens, and a flat rock laid flush with the lawn beckons visitors to enter the "river" at one of the weirs.Once in, the adventuresome may clamber across the rocks, while others may choose to simply sit on one of the rock weirs and enjoy the lush surroundings.

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bioretention conveyance
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  • Oregon Convention Center
  • People: Mayer Reed
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Client: City of Portland
  • Completed: Dec 31 2006

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